Neutron Module for DMC 3000

Neutron Module for DMC 3000
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Manufacturer: Mirion Technologies (MGP)
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Product ID : MG-NOM-001229


The Neutron Module provides operational dosimetry for Military, first responders, and radiation workers where there is a Neutron radiation risk.

The add-on Neutron Module attaches to the DMC 3000 dosimeter and is able to measure Hp(10) radiation at a wide range of energy levels.

The Hp(10) and Neutron measurements, display and alarms are highly visible on the DMC 3000’s LEDs and high contrast backlit LCD display.

Powered by the DMC 3000, the add-on module does not require any supplementary battery and remains operational over 2000 hours in the continuous use. Calibration and functional parameters are stored in the module.


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  • Full Neutron energy range coverage
  • Meets or exceeds applicable IEC and ANSI standards
  • Excellent EMC Immunity
  • Designed for ruggedness and durability
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Module attaches to DMC 3000 (sold seperately)
  • Compliant with IEC 61526Ed. 3, ANSI 42.20(*) (*) isotropy 241Am and Cs137 with ± 75° angle
  • Measurement range Hp(10) (DMC 3000 + module): X and gamma energy range: 15 keV to 7 MeV; Neutron energy range: 0.025 eV to 15 MeV
  • Display range HP(10) Neutron: Dose: from 1 μSv 10 10 Sv (0.1 mrem to 1000 rem); Dose rate: from 100 μSv/h to 10 Sv/h (10 mrem/h to 1000 rem/h)
  • AccuracyHp(10) Neutron - ≤ ± 10% (AmBe. 0.75 mSv/h, 75 mrem/h) Hp(10) Typical Energy response from thermal to fast Neutron
  • Dose Rate Linearity Hp(10): < ± 20% up to 10 Sv/h, 1000 rem/h
  • Display Neutron measurement Hp(10)
  • Dose and dose rate Neutron Hp(10) displayed
  • Totalized dose for Hp(10) Gamma + Neutron displayed
  • Superior gamma rejection in Neutron channel
  • Connect and ready for use - powered by the DMC 3000 (sold separately)

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