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Manufacturer: Mirion Technologies (MGP)
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Product ID : MG-154646


DMCUser is the companion software to support operational electronic dosimetry management and maintenance in commercial nuclear, defense, homeland security and medical applications.

It allows full customization, configuration, maintenance and diagnostic of any dosimeters belonging to the DMC/SOR product line. DMCUser software can be used with a wide range of products as an integrated dosimetry system, including:

-DMC 2000, DMC 3000 and modules

-LDM 320 D and LDM 320 W readers

-DosiServ, DosiCare and DosiFFR software

-IRD 2000 Irradiator


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● Reading and display of dosimeter’s data (measurements): Clear, detailed diagnostic of abnormalities; Automatic detection of external modules (beta, neutron)
● Reading and display of dosimeter’s parameters: User data displayed (typically configured via access control); Customization of user interface including: -units (mrem, vSv, μSv) -displayed date -selected language (English or French) Ability to access and configure alarm thresholds; Ability to access and configure dosimeter status; Ability to access and configure selective calibration settings (gamma and connected modules)
● Management of dosimeters in batch: Parameters can be saved under a file format; Files can be used to apply parameters to single dosimeters or in batch
● Historical data management: Ability to retrieve last historical data recorded or all data recorded into a dosimeter; Measurements can be displayed as text or graphs; Histories can be saved into files; Histories can be printed and exported into excel
● EQUIPMENT CONFIGURATION: Standard PC Windowsr XP, 7, 8, 10, USB port to connect the reader (automatic recognition); Demo version available; Registered license includes automatic notification of newly released software upgrades available for download at no extra cost


  • Dosimeter data management
  • Dosimeter customization (including display) and configuration management
  • Single dosimeter or batch configuration
  • Access to historically recorded data for in-depth incident analysis
  • Test of dosimeters alarming features (audio/visual/vibration) prior to activation
  • Record data and save into protected historical files
  • Designed for ruggedness and durability

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