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RDS-30 Rem/Sieverts Dose Rate Survey Meter

RDS-30 Rem/Sieverts Dose Rate Survey Meter
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Product ID : MG-RAF-1233250
Manufacturer: Mirion Technologies (MGP)


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RDS-30 Dose Rate Survey Meter

The RDS-30 is a Digital Handheld Dose Rate Meter designed for a wide range of applications involving a possibility for abnormal radiation levels. Compact, lightweight, waterproof, its performance and its user friendly interface make the RDS-30 perfectly suited to radiation survey in field conditions, in nuclear industry and for protection against radiological hazards by personnel, who may be exposed to gamma and/or X-ray radiation in their work.

RDS-30 provides sequential alarms for fixed dose rate values (programmable by CSW configuration software via IrDA link) and the possibility to store dose rate events into the histogram memory of the meter. The use of a CSW software is required for downloading the data into a PC via IrDA port.

RDS-30 is microprocessor controlled. The user interface consists of one push button and an easy-to-use menu structure that displays information in the LCD of the meter. The six-digit display shows the dose rate and various messages. Different alarm situations are indicated by a combination of audio-visual effects in the LCD and a buzzer (dose rate 1, dose rate 2, low battery, defect, dose rate overflow).



  • small size and large display
  • measurement in μSv/h or mrem/h
  • gamma dose indication
  • visual and audible signalling
  • high battery life time (>1 year)
  • compliant to IEC 60846
  • dose rate follow-up by audible signal with frequency proportional to dose rate
  • visual and audible alarm: user settable for dose and doserate over the whole measurement range
  • dose measurement
  • histogram capability of up to 480 dose rate values with user settable logging interval
  • backlit display with six large digits
  • display in either μSv/h or in mrem/h
  • built-in self diagnostics



Physical characteristics 

• radiation detected: gamma and X-ray from 48 keV to 1.3 MeV

• detector: energy compensated GM tube compliant to H*(10)

• dose rate measurement range: from 0.01 μSv/h to 100 mSv/h or from
   1 μrem/h to 10 rem/h

• dose rate linearity: ± 10 % ±1 digit within the range of 0.1 μSv/h to 100    mSv/h or 10 μrem/h to 10 rem/h

• calibration accuracy: ± 5 % of the reading in 137Cs exposure, at 3 mSv/h,     +20°C (68°F)

• energy response: ± 30 % over the range of 48 keV - 1.3 MeV

• angular response: ± 25 % within ± 45 % from the calibration direction at 48     keV

• dose measurement range: from 0.01 μSv to 1 Sv or from 1 μrem to 100 rem

Functional characteristics

• dose rate follow-up by audible signal with frequency proportional to dose     rate

• visual and audible alarm: user settable for dose and dose rate over the whole     measurement range

• dose measurement

• histogram capability of up to 480 dose rate values with user settable logging     interval

• backlit display with six large digits

• display in either μSv/h or in mrem/h

• built-in self diagnostics

Mechanical characteristics

• case: rugged plastic, easily decontaminable

• dimensions: 78 x 126 x 32 mm

• weight: 170 g without batteries

               220 g with batteries

Envirionmental Characterstics 

• temperature range: -25 to +55°C operational (-13... 131°F)

    –40 to +70°C storage (-40... 158°F)

• protection level: IP67 (temporary immersion / floating device)

Electrical characteristics

• power supply: 2 alkaline batteries IEC LR6/AA size (recommended)

• battery life time: at least 2000 hours at normal background with alkaline     cells style="text-align: left;"> (more than 1 year under normal operation)

• battery alarm: two-step alarm for low battery voltage

• electromagnetic compatibility: CE compliant

External interfaces: 

• Built-in infra-red port (IrDA)


• software for parameter setting and histogram readings

• wrist strap

• neck strap

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