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909B Dosimeter Charger

DCA Model 909B Dosimeter Charger
Price: $150.00
Product ID : 909B
Manufacturer: Arrow-Tech, Inc.



Model 909B Dosimeter Charger

The Model 909B Charger LED Reading Light reduces re-zeroing time and effort by eliminating the need to remove the dosimeter from the Charger for reading. Simply view the scale while the dosimeter is resting lightly on the charger contact after re-zeroing. Reading in the same orientation as charging also minimizes the effect that gravitational induced fiber movement has on dosimeter accuracy and precision. The Model 909B Charger charging contact is spring-loaded and has a positive mechanical stop. This design feature makes it virtually impossible to damage dosimeters through excessive charging force.

  • Capable of charging any Direct-Reading Dosimeter
  • Conforms to ANSI N42.6-1980
  • Operates on two 1.5 V “AA” Batteries
  • Has the ability to “Kick” or remove all residual charge from dosimeters properly, which prevents spurious upscale fiber movement
  • LED Reading Light to allow for easy charging/viewing
  • Residual static charge removed for improved accuracy
Weight: 10.6 oz.( 302 g)
Width: 4” (102 mm)
Length: 4” (102 mm)
Height: 3.5” (89 mm)
Case: ABS Plastic
Controls: One-Turn Potentiometer
Reading: Spring-Loaded Push Rod
Power: 1.5V “AA” Batteries 
Charging Voltage: 40V to 220V 
Operating Temperature: 0–120F (-18–49C)
Lamp: LED 




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