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Manufacturer: Arrow-Tech, Inc.





The Dosi-Lite provides illumination for a Direct-Reading Dosimeter in low light conditions which is held directly in front of the eye for viewing. It can also be used as a compact flashlight for inconspicuous use such as for reading a map in a car or a program in a theater, and it can be carried by medical personnel to illuminate the eye of a patient.

The Dosi-Lite comprises of a light-emitting diode (LED) enclosed in a thimble-shaped flexible plastic casing, which slides onto the end of a dosimeter. When the user squeezes the casing, the leads are brought into contact with the batteries, thereby completing the circuit, lighting the LED, and illuminating the Direct-Reading Dosimeter. 

The Dosi-Lite is designed for personnel that spend extended periods in areas with lighting which is insufficient or inconvenient for reading the Direct-Reading Dosimeter, thus running the risk of being exposed to excessive radiation before taking the next reading. The Dosi-Lite provides a convenient illuminating device for Direct-Reading Dosimeters that fits onto the end of a Direct-Reading Dosimeter.

  • The Dosi-Lite is inserted onto the end of a Direct-Reading Dosimeter; aligning Dosi-Lite lettering with the clip of the dosimeter.  Dosi-Lite can be left in position for an extended period fo time; it can then be readily removed for dosimeter zeroing.
  • The Dosi-Lite provides cushioning of a Direct-Reading Dosimeter from shocks when dropped.
  • The Dosi-Lite uses (3) 1.5V AG3 alkaline cell batteries that will provide years of service in normal operating conditions.


Material: Black PVC

Size: 0.6" I.D. x 0.71" O.D. x 2.125" Overall Length

Weight: 0.5 oz.

Power: (3) 1.5V AG3 Alkaline Cell Battery

Light: LED Ultra Bright Clear Light

Battery Life: In excess of 800 service hours


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