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Telepole II

Telepole II
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Product ID : MG-RTM-9235
Manufacturer: Mirion Technologies (MGP)


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Capable of working as a stand alone instrument, or being integrated into a telemetry system using the onboard WRM2 radio, the Telepole II is a valuable radiation survey tool for nuclear facilities or other location with out-of-reach radiological concerns.


• Energy Compensated GM tube (ZP-1201 or equivalent)
• Measuring range: 0.1 uSv/h to 10 mSv/h (10 uR/h to 1.5 R/h)
• Accuracy: ± 10 % of reading, within the measuring range
• Energy range: 50 KeV – 2 MeV
• Energy response: Better than 25% for whole energy range
• Sensitivity (137Cs): 18 cps/mR/h • Power supply: four 1.5 Volt AA-type alkaline
• Battery Life: 85 hours continuous operation (Four 1.5 Volt AA-type alkaline


• Operating Temperature: -20oC to + 50oC (-4° F to 122°F)
• Humidity: Up to 95% at 35oC (95°F)


• Pole Length: -Collapsed: 120 cm (3’11”) -Extended: 335 cm (11’)
• Weight: 1.95 Kg’s (4.3 lbs) • Display: Color TFT Display
• Threshold Alarms: User selectable for dose rate and accumulated dose
• Housing: Ruggedized Plastic, IP-65


  • Color coded display featuring large easy to read digits
  • Simultaneous display of external and internal detectors
  • Simple multi-layered menu for quick selection of command
  • WRM2 communication
  • Integrated BT alarm communication: -Vibrating Bracelet -Earphone
  • Aluminum 11’ Pole with quarter turn positive locking mechanism
  • Built in LED for dark areas being surveyed
  • Interchangeable “smart” detector capabilities
  • Long battery life (85 hours)
  • IP-65 rated meter

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