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The DRM-2 offers unparalleled features for a stand-alone, TCP-IP network or wireless area monitoring solutions.


  • GM Tube ZP-1301 (or equiv) High Range • GM Tube ZP-1201 (or equiv) Low Range • Optional GM Tube ZP-1300 non-energy compensated • Optional CsI detector
Measurement Range
  • 5 u/hr to 1000 R/hr (0.05 uSv/hr to 10 Sv/hr) • Automatic switching between detectors at 800 mr/hr and 600 mr/hr
  • Accuracy +/- 10% of reading, within the measurement range
  • Energy Response +/- 20% at 70 keV to 1.1 MeV Sensitivity (Cs137)
  • 17 cps/mr/hr (Low Range): • 0.3cps/mr/hr (High Range)
  • 6 Segment LCD (non-backlit) - units mR/h optional uSv/h
  • External power supply and battery backup: External power supply: Input 120-250 VAC, output 15v DC. • DC Input 6-15 Vdc with locking connector • Battery Back-up: Three (3) 1.2v NiMH 2100mAH rechargeable • Battery operating life: up to ~ 8 hours continuous


  • DRM-2: two energy compensated, auto-switching GM tubes, 5 uR/hr to 1000 R/hr (0.05 uSv/hr to 10 Sv/hr)
  • DRM-2D: CsI detector for greater sensitivity for Homeland Security & Medical monitoring applications
  • LED Display, audible Buzzers and Visual Indicator Lamps
  • AC power with NiMH battery backup (8 hrs)
  • Rugged, lightweight metal case with magnetic mounts
  • Configuration and calibration software included
  • 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz WRM2 Radio (FHSS)

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