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RAD-60R Personal Electronic Dosimeter

RAD-60R Personal Dosimeter
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Product ID : MG-RAF-1233218
Manufacturer: Mirion Technologies (MGP)


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RADOS RAD-60R - Personal Electronic Alarming Dosimeter 

The RAD-60 Personal Alarming Dosimeter is a precise radiation measuring instrument for reliable detection of radiation in order to ensure the personal safety of the user. It is suitable for a broad range of everyday radiation monitoring purposes in stand alone conditions.


  • Enhanced EMI immunity
  • Improved wear-out and decontamination properties
  • Individual Personal Alarming Dosimeter
  • Digital display for integrated dose or alternatively dose rate
  • User selectable alarm levels for both dose and dose rate
  • Detector system utilizes high quality energy compensated Si diode and advanced mathematical dose rate linearization
  • Splash-proof mechanical construction, high impact plastic with strong pocket clip


Radiological Characteristics
• Radiation detected: gamma and X-rays
• Detectors: energy compensated Si-Diode
• Measurement range: dose: 1 μSv - 9.99 Sv or 0.1 mrem - 999 rem
                                  dose rate: 5 μSv/h - 3 Sv/h or 0,5 mrem/h - 300 rem/h
• Calibration: better than ±5% (Cs-137, 662 keV at 2 mSv/h), Hp(10)
• Energy response: Hp(10), 55 keV - 3 MeV, better than ±25%, up tp 6 MeV, better than ±35%
• Dose rate linearity: better than ±15%, up to 3 Sv/h (300rem/h)

Functional Characteristics
• Alarm thresholds: six preset values each for integrated dose and dose rate, manually selectable by push-button
• Front panel push-button functions: toggle between dose and dose rate display
                                                       switch ON/OFF
                                                       chirp ON/OFF
                                                       reset integrated dose
                                                       change alarm thresholds
                                                       activate battery test
• Audible alarms: seven separate alarms, sound level typically better than 85 dBA at 30 cm
                           integrated dose, dose rate, dose overflow, dose rate overflow at 3 Sv/h or 300 rem/h
                           low battery 1 and 2

Electrical Characteristics
• Power supply: one triple A alkaline cell, life typically 1800 h in background field (dose mode)
• Reader communication: by infrared through bottom part; by using ADR-1 Reader Head in combination with RADOS PC software

Mechanical Characteristics
• Dimensions: 78 x 67 x 22 mm (3.07 x 2.63 x 0.86 in)
• Weight: 80 g (2.82 oz) including battery

Environmental Characteristics
• Temperature range: -20 - +50 oC (-4 - 122oF) operational, humidity up to 90% RH,non condensed

• Civil Defence, Rescue Operations
• Customs Operations, Military Forces
• Industrial radiography, Nuclear Medicine

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